Use the mouse to direct your player.


Use your mouse to control the character by poignant in the direction that you would like to travel.

The paler you are, the weaker you are. The more you push and shove, the more tired you get. You will naturally recover strength over time as long as you aren't pushing INTO a wrestler. 

Weaker wrestlers are easier to push and take less effort, be weary though because this also applies to you.

Each colour of wrestler shows their true nature:

Purple: This guy is a coward and will run away from a single person until they are eliminated. These wrestlers tend to stay away from the edge and like to hang out in the centre. Don't ignore them however because their lack of engagement makes them a sturdy opponent in the end game.

Red: Like bullies, they will chose a victim and will keep chasing and pushing them until they are eliminated. Watch out for them at the start because their only desire is for you to be crushed, they may do this by pinning you and letting other wrestlers push both of you out the ring.

Orange: These try hards are relentless and don't give up. They are careful to avoid the edge and will keep pushing and retreating in an endless attempt become victorious. These guys are a pain all throughout the match, and will likely be rivalling you to the end.



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Cute game :) Could do with some better graphic design.